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The Murdaugh Double Homicide

Matt Harris: Thanks for joining us again, Matt Harris and Tucker, impact of influence, the tragic story of a powerful South kind of family and mysterious deaths that were tied to the family. And this episode would go over the double homicide and the timeline. Double homicide involved the murder of Maggie Murdaugh and the murder of Paul Murdaugh. Paul, 22 years old. Paul was the driver of the boat that killed a young lady a couple of years ago, you can find another episode going to details on that. But he was also indicted on civil charges, etc. None of that obviously has gone to fruition because of his untimely death on what’s the date again on the 7th, June 7th. OK, so let’s get into that timeline on June 7th. How does it play out? 

Seton Teucker: We know that at 10 or seven o’clock, Murdoch, the husband of Maggie and the father of Paul, called nine one one reporting that his son and wife had been shot outside of their home. At ten, twenty eight. The scene was secured by Colleton County. 

Matt Harris: Police, OK, 

Seton Teucker: and then at 12 hours, seven SLED, which is South Carolina law enforcement division, part of the top dogs of law enforcement in South Carolina, arrived on the scene 

Matt Harris [00:01:32] where they were the first ones on the scene where they. 

Seton Teucker [00:01:33] No, no, Clinton County came first. They didn’t arrive until two hours after the nine one one call. 

Matt Harris [00:01:42] Gotcha. Gotcha. They were found this property. Just a little bit of information about the property. I think it’s over a thousand acres. It’s just it’s a massive property. I saw it described as bigger than downtown Charleston. If anybody familiar with Charleston, South Carolina, it’s a big area. They were found by the the dog pens. But I didn’t see. Maybe you saw I ask you this because we’re just shooting the stuff here. I see. That was found by the department that you mentioned. Are there dogs in the dog pens? 

Seton Teucker [00:02:16] I believe that there are dogs in the dog pens. And, you know, whether the dogs made it or not, whether the dogs were shot, 

Matt Harris [00:02:22] but dogs barking or. 

Seton Teucker [00:02:24] That’s was interesting. Was there someone out there? And that’s why they went because they heard the dogs barking. They typically feed the dogs at this time of night. 

Matt Harris [00:02:31] Have not heard anything about that. 

Seton Teucker [00:02:32] No. It’s a question I did see yesterday that. There are reports of dog barking from their property, so I think the dogs are back there, hopefully the dog survived, but we don’t know the answer to that question. 

Matt Harris [00:02:48] So the first sergeant arrived. He found the two individuals lying on the ground is quota’s found two individuals, Prall, Murdoch and Margaret Mariga, lying on the ground with apparent gunshot wounds. That’s what he wrote in the report. That’s a sergeant who responded to the Moselle Road and Culliton County. And he is the one, I guess, who made the next call to get sled out there. And they released 18 pages of what they call supplemental incident reports in the last couple of days, which the Post courier had been suing to get as much information as possible. In fact, it says the is media outlets have filed a, quote, significant number of requests under the Freedom of Information Act, because at first, one of the first things they said was. That everybody’s safe, nobody in the area should be worried, right? 

Seton Teucker [00:03:40] Right, that was actually came out the next day. So the very next day, they they issued a statement saying they don’t feel there is a public safety threat, 

Matt Harris [00:03:48] but they did not tell if they had. There’s there’s been no word on a suspect. 

Seton Teucker [00:03:54] No. Well, they named the father as a person of interest. Right. But that I don’t find very unusual because always a family member is going to be the first person they probably look at. 

Matt Harris [00:04:07] Now, some of you may have heard, if you heard the story or followed early on, there was a rumor that. That Paul the I’m not sorry, not Paul Alec was out shooting. That was one of the rumors. That was his alibi. But then that was cleared up later as saying he was he 

Seton Teucker [00:04:26] was visiting his father, who actually died several days after his wife and son were murdered. So I guess his father was gravely ill and he was out visiting that. And they’re saying it’s an ironclad alibi. 

Matt Harris [00:04:41] And I can imagine how awful this is for that guy. Right. I mean, your dad dies. Your dad’s very sick. You go to see your your wife and kid, and they are both shot in the head. And then two days or two or three days later, whatever it was, your dad dies. That’s a rough stretch for a drug for anyone to go through. So they were found near the dog pen and there were rumors that maybe the dogs were shot. But we we don’t think I don’t think that’s the case. I think we would have found out by now. 

Seton Teucker [00:05:10] Well, I mean, they may release such little information that you don’t know. I mean, they haven’t released the name on one tape, which is interesting. Why they why they haven’t released the 911 one. Right. 

Matt Harris [00:05:21] And people are still like media outlets are still suing to try to get that information. So the 911 hasn’t been released, though, the autopsy, they say between nine and nine, 30. 

Seton Teucker [00:05:32] Right. And then the dad. Yeah. And then the dad arrived called nine one one at nine 07. So you wonder, was was he supposed to be there, too, or were right. One of the other people, because it’s pretty closely targeted, 

Matt Harris [00:05:48] could be an hour. It could be 30 minutes between when the murders occurred and when he gets there. 

Seton Teucker [00:05:55] Right. 

Matt Harris [00:05:55] Somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes, something like that. They are shot. He’s found now what was reported and we again just reported there’s not been an official word. Right, on what Trey Gowdy said, the reporter 

Seton Teucker [00:06:08] right on Sunday night, he on his show. Trey Gowdy is a former politician and prosecutor in South Carolina. So, I mean, if if he’s reporting stuff, he may have inside information that he’s hearing from other people. But he reported that they were possibly bound. And earlier they had said it’s been confirmed by police that there were two weapons used. They didn’t really say what type, but rumor is that it was a rifle and an assault rifle. They haven’t said whether they’ve recovered these guns. We know that sled was was searching the swamp behind their house because 

Matt Harris [00:06:46] there’s a lot of swampland, from what I understand. What about the property? I believe there’s a lot of swamp in that area. There’s lots of woods in there. So if somebody was going to get rid of a gun, you got a lot of acres. 

Seton Teucker [00:06:55] Right. But we don’t know whether they were looking for the gun or some sort of other evidence. Not the police have not said whether the guns have been recovered or not, but it had been rumored and reported on that. The execution, there were execution style murders and now we have from Trey Gowdy saying that they were bound by the. 

Matt Harris [00:07:21] The the the uncle, the two uncles of the boy that was shot, the 22 year old that was shot, Paul appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday or Thursday, which was the first public appearance, public statements by anybody in my family saying that they had heard that the son, Paul, had been threatened via just online, not in person or anything. 

Seton Teucker [00:07:52] Right. He had received threats and that there was a lot of, obviously, social media, you know, outcry about this crimes. But they didn’t think these threats were credible or they seemed very upset that. That they didn’t take these threats seriously, so. Maybe, possibly Paul was the target. 

Matt Harris [00:08:12] Yes, they’re there when you go through and as you have looked through all this information, the rumor mill and the red shirts and the social media ramp up with all the possibilities of people who would have had a bone to pick with either Paul or the family. And you can go start with the boating accident, which Paul was the driver of, was indicted on some charges and cover the whole thing in depth in another episode. But many feel justice was not done there. So the law enforcement agencies looked at the parents and the family of 

Seton Teucker [00:08:58] Malaby, Mallory Beach. They also all of the boaters who were on the boat that evening have all voluntarily submitted their DNA. 

Matt Harris [00:09:09] So they find themselves out right. Because they just went to motive right away. Had to cover that. They had to get that out of the way because people would have been saying, why don’t you check in on these people? I find it hard to believe that any of them had did it, you know, would have it in them to walk right up and shoot somebody in the head. I mean, that’s a special kind of right thing right there. You know, multiple two people well, two sets of guns. 

Seton Teucker [00:09:33] So that leads you to believe that there were probably two people involved in the shooting, not just one, because I don’t find it. Like, if you why would you pick up one gun, 

Matt Harris [00:09:43] there’s 

Seton Teucker [00:09:43] another guy and then use another gun? It just doesn’t seem believable to me. 

Matt Harris [00:09:47] The other people they reached out to law enforcement is the mother of the hit and run victim, which again was the story will handle the death a little bit more on another episode. But the the mom of the Smith, Stephen Smith, the mother of Stephen Smith, has been very vocal about believing the Murdoch boys had something to do with the murder of her son, who was gay. And she says that was having an affair with one of the Murdoch boys. You know which one I like? 

Seton Teucker [00:10:27] It’s the older 

Matt Harris [00:10:28] one. Older one. OK, so Buster got. Yes. So she’s been very vocal about that and very angry about that as justified if you’re a grieving mom. Of course. So they went law enforcement, somebody in law enforcement. Do we know who went to 

Seton Teucker [00:10:44] SLED has contacted her and she was hoping it was going to be because they were reopening her son’s case. And I do know that they said that they were looking back into her son’s case, which is a great thing. But she kind of took it as a slap in the face because they said that they wanted to make sure to rule her out as a suspect for the double homicide of Paul Imagi. 

Matt Harris [00:11:02] Right. So you’ve got the boating accident under suspicious circumstances and not fully tidied up with a with the some some arrest and whatnot. And just as some people say, you’ve got the hit and run, which many people think that there was not justice done, there seem to take care of those two motives. And then you also go to the motives of all of the people that the Murdochs have covered in the solicitors, the family for five years. They put people behind bars. Mean prosecutors write a lot of bad people connected. 

Seton Teucker [00:11:36] Could definitely be somebody who was angry that they got sent to jail because they prosecuted them or on the other side, they represented them or a company and they’re private in their private practice. So it could have been something that went wrong there 

Matt Harris [00:11:49] because they sued somebody, put a business that could have put a company out of business, we don’t know, or something like that. So there’s all that. I mean, even we don’t know the circumstances of the housekeeper’s death many years ago in the house. We don’t know who was there, what was going on. Is there is there even a reason for someone to be angry about that? So there’s the three murders or three deaths, I should say, that they are connected to the Murdoch family’s the hit and run Stephen Smith, there’s the boating accident and then there’s the housekeeper. So they got that. Plus their law practices now. With, you know, the Internet is going crazy with all sorts of accusations that it’s someone within the family, right? 

Seton Teucker [00:12:35] Well, I know what they did name Alec as a person of interest. And they they took his computer and I think they’ve searched the home, which would be normal. This past weekend, they went to Paul’s off campus apartment at USC and took his computer. And I, I’m assuming searched his personal space there. But what was interesting about this is, I guess, the. Property manager of the apartment complex called because the door was open, so did someone else go there first 

Matt Harris [00:13:09] and really looking for something? 

Seton Teucker [00:13:12] What were they looking for, something specific, or did they try to clear off the computer or 

Matt Harris [00:13:16] was it simple, something like one of his buddies went in there and got something or whatever. So it took a while to I mean, that’s, I don’t know, 10, 12 or whatever days is after the murders. They went to his room. Right. It seems to me that would be something you’d want to do relatively quickly. I assume that the the uncles that were on Good Morning America had said he had been threatened, would have told law enforcement prior to their interview with Good Morning America. Right. You wouldn’t let you sit there for 12 days, do an interview on TV and say, well, Paul, by the way, he was threatened a bunch of times, right? Unless it didn’t dawn on them through. 

Seton Teucker [00:13:51] There were they were grieving and they weren’t thinking. 

Matt Harris [00:13:54] But it does seem like that should have been something like right away, I want to go check and see if there’s any threats in that guy’s computer. Took a long time to get to that. The new report that comes out that there’s a heavily redacted, as we said earlier, it’s 18 pages, there’s not enough not not a lot of information about the sheriff’s office response. There’s no new information about the murders, the weapons used or any suspects or persons of interest. There are. These are the first official reports from law enforcement. And see, this is on the 21st. It came out, I believe. So that’s that’s 12, 13 days, something like that. Sergeant responded. As I said before, he identified the victims and that gunshots were the cause of death more than likely caused the scene with crime scene tape only essential personnel allowed. Then there was a sergeant that another sergeant that arrived or deputy I’m sorry, that arrived and helped mark the shell casings and crime scene tape. And another sergeant system was preserved in the crime scene for sled till they got there. And here’s something that I didn’t know until yesterday. A tow service towed a vehicle out back to the sheriff’s office. Yeah, I think that we don’t know anything about whose car it is. Why was impounded. Had something to do with it, but it could have been worse, could have been blood splatter, it could have been a bullet in there. I mean, I don’t know. 

Seton Teucker [00:15:27] Well, another thing that I found so Trey Gowdy reported on Sunday night to this and I’d heard rumors about this at an incident with a former employee where Alec had gotten in a fight with this employee. They had some sort of dispute. And then Paul jumped in and it seemed like it was maybe possibly a physical dispute. And I’d seen rumors that this was a caretaker of their property. So I wonder if, you know, that could have had something to do with it if he was a caretaker. It kind of brings up the question of cameras. This is a hunting lodge. I’m sure that there were cameras where the camera’s working. 

Matt Harris [00:16:02] If, in fact, it says, well, it doesn’t mention those in the the new material that came out that was released, but it did send investigators looking for homes or businesses with exterior home security cameras facing the road. 

Seton Teucker [00:16:15] So maybe that says they the cameras at the Murdoch home were not working. 

Matt Harris [00:16:22] Yeah, it’s possible they were 

Seton Teucker [00:16:24] looking for other cameras 

Matt Harris [00:16:26] when they didn’t have cameras trained on that area. 

Seton Teucker [00:16:28] That’s true, because they probably were trained on deer, because that’s what I think what they were using the cameras 

Matt Harris [00:16:34] for the house. I don’t know how far away the house is from the the dog park. 

Seton Teucker [00:16:37] It seems like it’s a decent away. But the house, if they were let from the house, they you would have. Yeah. Images of someone leading them from 

Matt Harris [00:16:49] the house and you would think that doesn’t exist. Or they would have. Arrested somebody, I mean, it was very obvious that someone is taking a gun and locking them at nine o’clock or nine, 15 or whatever time it is. 

Seton Teucker [00:17:01] So was this a hit? That’s the other question. 

Matt Harris [00:17:04] Well, you know, it does lead one to think ahead, which means nobody’s alibis really bad. 

Seton Teucker [00:17:11] If it then it doesn’t matter if the beach or any of the other providers have been hit there or the DNA or the Smith family or the husband, because if it was hit, they would have to find out. 

Matt Harris [00:17:23] Yeah, just wouldn’t 

Seton Teucker [00:17:24] it wouldn’t link them to the crime scene, 

Matt Harris [00:17:26] right? Not at all. And which could be why it’s taking so long and people being bound and shot with two different guns at point blank range, it’s hard to imagine. It’s not being some sort of hit or at the very least, some really, really angry people. 

Seton Teucker [00:17:45] Yeah, because Paul was shot in the head and chest. I mean, if it’s just a simple burglary, you don’t shoot someone at close range in the head and chest. Well, also, 

Matt Harris [00:17:55] they have and they have not even mentioned anything about a burglary. No, there’s not been one mention anywhere of a burglary. 

Seton Teucker [00:18:03] And it has to have been targeted because if the police are saying there’s no threat to public safety, but the other thing is SLED has set up a tip line. So if they do know, why are they setting up a tip line? 

Matt Harris [00:18:17] Well, I mean, they may know but not have evidence. I mean, they may think I should say 

Seton Teucker [00:18:22] maybe they just might not have enough to make an arrest.

Matt Harris: That’s possible. 

Seton Teucker: And this was a very powerful legal family. They’re going to make sure that they do everything to the letter of the law and cross their eyes and dot all of their T’s.

Matt Harris: I don’t know how much longer they can keep the 911 call and all the information from the Post Courier, Ilhan Pocket, whoever is doing this, the suits, there was also a rumor that there was possibly some problems in the marriage. But that is just a rumor. 

Seton Teucker: That’s just a rumor. And so many so many of the rumors, though, are so bogus. Like I saw the rumor the first day, there was I guess someone jumped the day that the murders occurred. Someone jumped off the bridge and and Buford or Hilton Head, it was reported there was a rumor and they said, oh, it’s Mallory Beach’s mother, which it was not Mallory Beaches, but someone did, in fact, support the bridge. And they were found. I think they found a lot of I don’t know who that person was, but the rumors were it was Mallory Beach’s mother, which was completely not true. I mean, 

Matt Harris: The rumors will crank up no matter what. But you’re talking about a town of 2000 people, something like that, where everybody knows everybody. Right. Constantly talk about that in the articles you’re reading from the you know, decades ago, there’s been articles about this family and the way that they made their money off lawsuits, et cetera. And we can get that in another episode as well. But this is a crazy story when you started looking at the boating accident. You and you do the boating accident, you knew that the hit and run tied to the Murdochs is as little as it may be and the housekeeper died of the family you never thought you’d have led to this point was a double homicide and it’s being the double homicide. We haven’t really talked much about Maggie, who was Paul’s mother and wife, Balik. We have not there’s not a lot on her. There’s not a lot. Everybody says she doesn’t appear to have had any enemies like that. That is one thing. 

Seton Teucker: No, all reports describe her as a very lovely person who was well-liked, just kind of out of the fray of everything else. 

Matt Harris: Right. So it doesn’t. There’s been no conjecture that I’ve seen anywhere that Maggie would have enemies. 

Seton Teucker: Right. It seems like she was a victim of happenstance. Right. She just was at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Matt Harris: And if you want to make rumors about there being trouble in the marriage, there’s a far cry from having trouble in a marriage and killing your son and wife. That doesn’t 

Seton Teucker: You have to look at it, that domestic dispute. So it could have been. Yeah, you know, Paul was angry, something gone awry. He shot his mother. I’ve seen stuff. No, Alec came home and shot, you know, shot the son because he shot the wife or it could have happened the other way around. But if that was the case, I would think that Alec would immediately tell the police what happened to her. 

Matt Harris: He knows that that’s not going to be right

Seton Teucker: Because it was a domestic dispute. If it was self-defense or something along those lines, I just find that a plausible I don’t either scenario. 

Matt Harris:I don’t it doesn’t seem that that would be possible, especially if they have his alibi. Being with the dad, we know it’s 10 o’clock or 10 08 or whatever it is when he calls number one, the earliest they think that the murder could happen was at 9:00, but as late as nine, 30. So there’s not a lot of time. I mean, they were pretty accurate, at least not accurate, but they were very it’s not like they said they do between noon and 10:00 or something. It’s a very short window. Well, they should be able to clear people and whatnot for that. 

Seton Teucker: And you hear that the assets were in Maggie’s name. I think the property at the hunting lodge property and I think the House and Edisto were all in her name. So that could potentially be a motive for Alec so that he, you know, if they were having marriage problems. But again, I don’t think most people kill their wives, especially. They have a ton of money. 

Matt Harris: And there’s plenty of real legal reasons why he would put something in someone else’s name. Right. Because the voting accident, the lawsuits and such that were coming right. 

Seton Teucker: That you would want to make sure you protect your home. 

Matt Harris [00:22:42] Right. And he went over there to the hunting area, to the hunting lodge or whatever. So it wasn’t like he was completely estranged or whatever was right. Obviously, it’s hard to even guess now because it’s all people have guessed. That’s all they do right now on Reddit and on social media as they take guesses as to what happened. But would we miss anything on the basics of what we have right now? I don’t think we did. We will get to know more of this and more of the family and the impact of influence. We’ll talk soon.